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Creditsafe Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides credit information and monitoring as an integrated part of everyday processes in Business Cenetral. Creditsafe Connect enables a systematic implementation of credit polices and keeps data and credit information updated also on your existing customers and vendors.

Creditsafe Connect enables a global coverage of credit information by using several of the available API:s provided by Creditsafe. Even though different API's are used, the information in Business Central is stored in a homogeneous way and users can interact with the Creditsafe data regardless of it's source.

Easy to install

Use Assisted Setup to do the basic setup and within minutes, you can start searching in Creditsafe's databases.

Connect your customers and vendors

Use the Batch Search tool to link your existing customers and vendors to Creditsafe and decide what information you want to update on customers/vendors.

Monitor for changes

Use Scheduled Updates to keep your customers and vendors updated at any time.

Credit information at your fingertips

View updated credit information directly on customer cards, sales orders etc. and monitor changed data directly on role centers.

Provided by Creditsafe Services Ltd