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Monitor Changes

A key feature of Creditsafe Connect is to keep credit information updated on customers and vendors and the ability to track changes. The scheduled update of monitoring objects can be configured so that Business Central is updated with new credit information when changes has occurred on companies in Creditsafe. Even though the updates can be automated, there's often a need for users to review changes manually.

Five areas of functionality is specially targeted towards giving the user control of updated data. These are implemented as cues on the role centers

Name Description
Field Changes Opens a list of not reviewed Field Changes.
Group Changes Opens a list of not reviewed Group Changes.
Block/Limit Changes Opens the Block/Limit Suggestion list.
Lowered Credit Rank Opens a list of not reviewed Rating/Limit Changes that has negative information.
Failed Credit Checks Opens a list of not reviewed entries in Credit Check History with credit checks that has failed or needs investigation.