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The table below outlines the most important terms used in Creditsafe Connect.

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Monitoring object A company or private individual that has been found in Creditsafe’s datasources by using the search function in Creditsafe Connect and saved in the BC database. A monitoring object can be used to create a customer and/or a vendor and are used to track credit ranking, performing credit checks etc.
Datasource An on-line service from which credit information can be retrieved. Creditsafe Connect supports three datasources/API's:
- The global connect API for companies.
- The Swedish API for companies and persons.
- The Norwegian API for persons and sole proprietorships.
Data report A set of data returned by Creditsafe and stored in a header/lines table structure in Business Central where the header represents the report and the lines the content of the report. Each report line is assigned a parameter code in Business Central, which makes it possible to define datasource independent logic for data processing.
Report parameter A code representing a report line.
Report parameter group A group of report parameters that acts as a heading when displaying data reports.
PDF report A pdf report generated by Creditsafe when a user in Business Central requests a pdf report. Pdf reports are stored in the database.
Portfolio Companies can be grouped in portfolios for monitoring and scheduled updates of data in Business Central.
Credit template A set of rules that decides the credit check status of a monitoring object. For the Swedish datasource the credit template is defined by Creditsafe and only referenced in the API-call from Business Central. For the global datasource the credit template is defined in Business Central based on parameter codes in report data.
Ranking Describes credit risk for companies
Scoring Describes solvency for persons
Ranking index A numerical value that describes the ranking for companies.
Scoring index A numerical value that describes the scoring for persons.
Ranking group code A code from A to E that describes ranking for companies.
Scoring group code A code from A to E that describes solvency for persons.
Active Customer/Vendor A customer or vendor which has a non posted sales- or purchase document, or that has an open entry in the customer/vendor ledger. It is also possible to specify a date formula in the credit monitoring setup that looks for events in the customer/vendor ledger back in time according to the specified date formula.