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Monitoring Portfolios

Monitoring portfolios are used to discover when changes occur on company data in Creditsafe. The portfolios are setup with rules that tell Creditsafe which kind of changes the portfolio shall react on. Based on portfolio changes, new report data and credit checks can be automatied in Business Central.

A portfolio can be set as default portfolio on a country. Each monitoring object saved in Business Central for that country will be automatically added to the portfolio.

Field Description
Country Code Specifies the country code of the portfolio.
Name Specifies the portfolio name.
Notification E-mail Addresses Specifies e-mail addresses (separated by semicolon) for notification on changes. These addresses are sent to Creditsafe together with the other portfolio data and any notifications are carried out by Creditsafe.
Last Date Checked Specifies the last date the portfolio were queried for changes.
No. of Companies Specifies the number of companies that has been put into the portfolio.
No. of Rules Specifies the number of portfolio rules.
ID Specifies the portfolio ID assigned by Creditsafe when the portfolio were created.


Action Description
Get Portfolios Downloads portfolios from Creditsafe.
Get Changes Downloads changes on companies in the portfolio. When used, monitoring objects will only be marked with information if new report data should be downloaded or new credit checks should be done. Normally the download of changes is a part of the Scheduled Update of Monitoring Objects.
Monitoring Rules Opens a list of Monitoring Rules.
Monitored Companies Opens a list of monitored companies.